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Tonze Update

Well shame on me, it's been a while since I've written a comment or a blog on what's happening with the Tonze.  We're still hammering away at finding the gigs and trying to complete some newly added originals to our list.  We've lost a few steady gig places as the industry turns but have gained a few new  ones.  This summer we've been blessed with our 3rd year in  performing at the Kitsap Conference Wine Festival but instead of on the balcony greeting the people, we'll be on the ground level closer to all the action.  We're pretty excited about the new location.  Thank you Mr. Arne Bakker. 

     They've already sold 450 tickets, more than last year so that's pretty exciting. Hope to see everyone make it. 

              This is all I have for now, so take care and keep on checking us out for updates and eventually our new CD.   I know, it's been to long.   We're getting back into the groove so hang in there with us & all of those who have donated to the CD we still have record of it and want to deeply thank you for the support on what we've achieved up to this point.   We will keep you posted on the final date to release our CD.  Can hardly wait.. It's been to long.  


        Until next time take care and may peace and love be with you at all times.

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