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2020 Tonze Update 

    Well as you know due to the coronavirus, all music venues have come to

a halt by State demand for everyone's safety. We hope everyone is being safe at following all the CDC rules for health and well being.

Social distancing, washing your hands regularly, keep your hands out of your face, and staying home, unless necessary to go to the grocery stores or other important appointments. We are truly missing all of you that have come out to support us and live music all these years & can't wait to get back at it. Hopefully sooner then later. This has been a real challenge for everyone.

However with prayer, positive awareness and perseverance we will get through this. PLEASE BE EXTRA CAREFUL OUT THERE AND WE WILL SEE YOU SOON AGAIN MY FRIENDS. LOVE YOU ALL, FROM THE TONZE.


 Hello all our loyal Tonze fans. If you're not on face book then you're probably not up to date on what's been happening with our keyboardist Steve Minzel. Let me up date you.

    Steve has been battling with the affects of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). Something that could happen to any smoker after so many years of usage. So it started taking full affect on his health years ago till the point where it was getting more difficult to deal with the common affects of things like , common cold, allergies, bronchitis, and so on. Then recently he had contracted Pneumonia. Well when your lungs are already compromised these symptoms in the average healthy lungs will pass over a short period of time with a little bit of discomfort. How ever a person with COPD will experience a very severe reaction to these same symptoms in a very serious and in Steve's case life threatening way. Ans that's exactly what happened when the pneumonia hit. He was basically suffocating, and had to be taken in by ambulance. this was a week ago.

    So in short he has made it through the worst stage which we all thought for sure was the end and now thanks to all your support, prayers, positive thoughts and the incredible efforts of Saint Frances Hospital staff, Steve has been returned home this past Friday with a fighting chance to over come and manage the severity of his COPD. So as a side note take an example from him if you are a smoker, " STOP NOW!!!!!! before its to late. PLEASE!

  So in the mean time we are raising funds to help him and his family get through this tough period. He has not been able to work to cover there household bills and other related responsibilities as well as the growing medical bills that will start poring in and adding that much more added stress.

      If you're not my friend on face book, and you wanna donate just friend me and you'll see the fundraiser site. If you're not interested in fb you can send donation to me directly through Pay Pal. to Leslie Shelton ( We are also hosting a fundraiser concert April 28th at the Arena in E, Bremerton , a Sunday 5 to 9 pm. there will be a silent auction. raffle, free prizes and other ways to donate. If you wanna participate.

       Thank you for your support in what ever way you can, donations, prayers, chanting, positive vibrations & thoughts are all welcome. But hope to see you at the April 28th Minzel Assorted Musicians Benefit. 5 to 9 the Arena.....

Tonze havin some fun in the old Silverdale Hotel as a Trio pre Gaborait
Minzel showing off his better side
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