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The Affects Of Covid-19 on Gigs

     This last year thru the beginning of 2020 has been

a challenging period. As most of you know who have followed us know that last year we came real close to losing our keyboardist "Steve Minzel" to respiratory complications "COPD"..Thanks to the many who helped with donations has contribute to Steve's miraculous come back and positive progress to date. Although COPD has plagued it's toll on Steve's life it's still great to see the joy that comes to his face when he's at his heights on stage performing. Thank you everyone who has played an essential roll in helping his family not have to worry so much about finances as he struggled to get back to every day life. I as a good friend was more than thankful and pleased at his come back through it all. Now this year brought a whole new reality of challenges with this Corona virus epidemic.

It has brought new challenges with the way it has stripped our job market down to its lowest point. Several of our band members have been out of work, as I'm sure many of you have been, " for several months. We've created a GoFundMe account to try and help offset the affects of our gig income lost over this past few months. We don't have any idea when venues will open up again to bring back one of our sources of income. But in the mean time we have been fortunate enough to have this GoFundMe account to help with a little cushion of financial assistance as we struggle through this period. So once again thanks for all your help. We will keep this GoFundMe account open as long as we need it. So please only if you're in a fortunate enough position to contribute to our account please do so by going to our GoFundMe and donation. The boys are forever in your debt.

Thanks from all of us in the Tonze, Steve, Tony John & Leslie (Les)..

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