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The Tonze New Year Resolution

Well here we are again with a New Year upon us. 2013, 


     We had a great wonder gigging year in 2012 and plan on 2013 being even a better year.   We fell short of getting our Tonze CD done but hang in there with us we are planning on jumping back on the getting er done CD for 2013.

     Our goal is to re-record the tracks we started on,  live in Bob Lang Premier studio

in north Seattle.  We've been playing our originals for the past 2 years and so they have evolved quite well into there own.  So we are so excited to get them done soon.

     I have to apologize to all those who have donated towards the CD but have no fear we still plan on getting it done and getting your CD to you hopefully by summer of 2013.  Yes this year.  That is our Tonze goal at the top of the list.


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