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    The Tonze, originated in the Kitsap/Seattle area.

Having performed with many different bands collectively ,the Tonze members have more then 100 years of experience. The group consist of now 4 members; Leslie D. Shelton Jr. on Bass and primary lead vocals, Steve Minzel on Keyboards and primary vocals and Tony Handy (The Foot) on Drums, background vocals and spiritual guidance & recently incredible guitarist "John Gaborait".

    The Tonze have performed in many different events and private functions, from Wedding Receptions, festivals, private parties, casinos, night clubs, coffee shops, restaurant, Fundraiser for many community benefits & more.

On many different occasions the Tonze have had other members join in there performances,

People like;Mike Connor the bands original saxophonist, Bill Brown of Bill Brown and the Kingbees, Gordan Yancy of " Freddie Pink" Chebon Tiger (Great Blues guitarist and vocalist), Darin Locke an over all phenomenal guitar player and singer, Mike Stoican an A plus guitarist, Darrow Hart jazz saxophonist, Malo Castro percussionist, John Gaborait & Dan Cartwright, Tom PikeDori Craze, Eugenie Jones, If I forgot anybody please let me know. And I apologize. I'd like to thank each and every performer for your die hard support. Oh yea and Mark Lewis who leads his own jazz trio. I'm sure I left someone out. Oh and all those great female vocalist who have helped us in the past on various projects: Dori Craze, Antoinette Murray, Faye Shelton, & Miki Garcia (Cruz) most of you know her as. Thank you all so much

Steve Minzel, Performing at the Bremerton Blackberry


Steve groovin it down hard on Heart Of the Storm.

Leslie D. Shelton Jr.

also gettin down at the Bremerton Blackberry Festival..

Les keeping an eye on the crowd as they are transformed to groove land.
Tony the drummer keeping an extra foot on it as he masterly keeps the groove driving

Tony B. Handy also tearin it up

at the Bremerton Blackberry Festival

The power source, The Foot
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