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The Tonze

9521 86th Ave NW. Gig Harbor WA 98332 US

Live Pop Jazz,Old School R&B 60s, 70s & 80s Trio

Our job is to make sure you have a good time.

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Posted on August 4, 2013 at 1:05 PM Comments comments ()
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Knew Posting for the Tonze

Posted on November 13, 2012 at 11:10 PM Comments comments ()
     It was so great watching the kids have fun at Lele's Thai Resaurant last time we played there.  We would like to see more people and thier families come on out and enjoy the live music that Lele's is bringing to the Gig Harbor area.  As a long time musician, we are always looking for places to perform and share our positive music influences.  We look forward to a long time music relationship here in Gig Harbor area.  Thankyou Lele's for believing in us and your support for live music.  Especially thanks to Sara for fighting for us. 

About the band members other lives on the other side of music.

Posted on October 25, 2012 at 11:07 AM Comments comments ()
       Now it's time to dive into the band members other lives outside the band. 
     Steve Minzel was born and raised in Seattle.  He started playing professionally at age 15.  Steve will tell you his self that he made more money then than he does now by far.  The music economy has been on a downward sliding scale since the 60's. 
     When I "Leslie Shelton" was first introduced to Steve I knew at the time we would be eventually performing together in some capacity.  Shortly after the failure of my band  the first "Rise".  I took a break from music for full one year.  I was emotionally discouraged from playing music due to a personal disagreement with my drummer at the time on how things should go.   Pretty typical, artistic indifferences controlled our destiny. 
      I was brought back into music by a guy I met at the Lynwood Black Angus on jam night.  His name is Ron Bates.  Ron had a very up positive attitude and wanted me to sit in with him during the jam.
    Ron, I remembered,  had a cowboy hat on and seem to be a different style of musician than what I was use to.  But because of his optimistic outlook I was encouraged to start a band with him.  It was call Rise II.  And together we built a very successful band with a mailing list of about 2000 people.  The band lasted for about 5 years through various members.  And eventually ended on a more positive note.  Steve and I started a duel and continued our music relationship for the next 9 years.  There's a lot more to tell between than and now but that's all I'm going to tell for now.  Keep tuned in and I will share more later. 

Live Music Normality

Posted on October 15, 2012 at 2:15 AM Comments comments ()
There are a lot of bands out there performing cover tunes as well as there own material.  But very few attempt to do the tunes the Tonze cover.  For instance,
the "Tonze"  will do a Santana song," which we all know requires a guitar as well as other latin types of instrumentation" but still will pull the song off with lots of interpretation of the music with lots of the spirit and energy of the tune.  So the listeners will not even realize that they didn't have all the proper instruments to begin with to pull the song off.  Even having seen a lot of Jazz trios, they will tend to stick with the traditional songs that are most likely expected with such instrumentation.
   Another thing you will here the Tonze Trio pull off are covering tunes by larger R&B bands such as Earth, Wind & Fire with only three guys and three vocal where as the original EWF has 9 or more members in it.  Of coarse it'll sound different then the original ones, but the cool thing about the Tonze is that they make it there own, so you don't even think twice about the lack of instrumentation cause they make up for it with there energy and groove factor.  You can reach the Tonze web sit at or call or text : 360 440-0347

Tonze to Date 2012-2013

Posted on October 3, 2012 at 12:48 AM Comments comments ()
What's happening this week with the Tonze?  The Tonze are playing at the Slaughter Company this Saturday from 7-10pm in Port Orchard a nice club on the water front near Titan Ford.  Playing a light contempory style of Old School R&B, Blues music the Tonze have tighten their sound over the last 20 years playing any gig they could get. The Tonze are still sort of locked into playing the Peninsula area and can't seem to break out into the Seattle, Tacoma area yet.  So they have lots of room to move.
     They plan to finish up there slowly moving CD project  started in the summer of 2010 and plan on booking tons of out door events and festivals as well as special events to promote and sale there products.
     Promoting as a Jazz Trio has brought the Tonze a lot of sucess in 2012: 2 house gigs a week, weekend gigs and some special events thrown into the mix.  This has kept them busy all year &  in affect allowing the Tonze to master their Tight rhythm and Blues skills.  Once you hear them you will understand what I'm talking about.

What's happening with the Tonze?

Posted on September 26, 2012 at 2:20 PM Comments comments ()
       Well we have had a great year this 2012.   We've maintained 2 house gigs since the mid 2011 and have had lots of side gigs.  Some days we even had up to 3 gigs in one day.  I'm not trying to brag just that I have lots of appreciation for the benefits we have had all this year.  However things have slowec down at this point and we are scrammbling to find jobs.  I don 't know if it's because we are in the middle  of an election or what but things have almost come to a halt.  First we got laid off of the every Sunday Chet's Place gig, than the Bremerton Bar & Grill & lastly the 19th Hole gig all within one month of each other.  So talk about panic.  Well you get use to all this extra money then it's gone even though you know it wasn't going to last forever. I guess the positive way to look at this is we had lots of jobs to begin with fortunantly. So over all we had a good year.
      We are currently available for several house gigs now if anyone happens to be looking for a really classy jazz R&B Trio Please contact us at 360 440-0347 Leslie Shelton Bass Player and singer for the Tonze. 
     Well I don't want to fib to you on our recording delema, We just have no more funds to finish the project.   We we're real wise with using our time and money wisely to finish. So now we are paying the price.  We will get back to it though.  You can count on that. We have had lots of folks inquire about it so we will eventually come through for you soon.  We'll keep you posted.
    If you or someone you know has lots of money and would like to part with it to help us finish please have them contact us at the number above.  Thanks guys, Talk later