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   Not much to post or talk about like the many other entertainers out there same deal I'm sure. However crazy times it is, we still have the ability to pull through these adversities at hand. Now more than ever we need to become very creative with our thoughts and minds, I know, that's kind of redundant. However we are looking for any ideas on how we can invite you fans to observe us performing in a safe environment. We played 3 events this summer at peoples lakeside properties where most of the observers were out in boats, which turned out very cool and fun as well & safe. How ever this is only possible in summer and if you own a boat. So if you have any great brainstorming ideas we are all ears.

In the mean time please be cautious and safe out there. Don't let your guards down for a minute ok.

We love you all and miss performing for you, but I'm confident that this will soon calm down in due time.

    Take care,

Les, Tony, Steve, John & sometimes Mike

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